I am a proven software engineer and technical leader with a passion for creating products that people

For most of my career I’ve focused primarily on mobile applications. I was a key contributor to both the KAYAK and Foodler apps which have earned loyal fans and five-star reviews. At KAYAK, I built the popular price alerts and flight tracker features for iOS. At Foodler, I developed the first version of the iOS app, from scratch, and went on to build and run the product and engineering team.

In 2018 I decided to diversify my technical experience and learn modern web development. I joined Amazon PillPack where I am currently focused on building their customer-facing web app.

While my background is mostly technical, I also have experience and enjoy contributing to other areas such as product strategy, UI design, and customer support. I'm excited to join a small, collaborative team where I can make a significant impact.


Amazon PillPack
Senior Software Engineer
  • Developing the customer-facing web application for users to manage their PillPack account (Vue.js, TypeScript, Bootstrap)
  • Developing backend APIs to support the web application (Rails, PostgreSQL)
  • Developing the CI and automated deployment infrastructure (AWS, Serverless, CloudFormation, CloudFront, S3, Route 53, CodeBuild, CodePipeline)
  • Leading the recruiting effort to build out the engineering team
  • Co-founded a new company that allows users to browse and purchase products, from local stores, using an app
  • The company was part of XRC Labs accelerator program, NYC, Summer 2017
  • Worked closely with co-founders to define the MVP and the UI design
  • Coordinated with backend developer to define the API (REST)
  • Developed the consumer-facing iOS app (Swift)
  • Developed an internal iOS app to photograph and manage product inventory (Swift)
VP Mobile
  • Boston’s most popular food ordering and delivery service
  • First engineer hired after the founders and tasked with building the iOS app
  • Worked closely with founders to define initial requirements and API
  • Developed the iOS app from scratch (Objective-C)
  • Rescued the failing Android product which had been outsourced and poorly managed
  • Hired and managed a new product and engineering team (iOS, Android, Web)
  • Defined and prioritized new features and bug fixes
  • Collaborated with designers and engineers to ensure high-quality results
  • Personally answered all app-related customer support requests
  • Millions of orders successfully placed from happy and hungry customers
Software Architect
  • One of the world's most popular travel sites
  • Part of a small team that rebuilt the iOS app after it was initially outsourced (Objective-C)
  • Helped launch the first version of the iPad app, one of the first available in the App Store
  • Developed popular features such as price alerts and the flight tracker
  • Led efforts to modernize the code base (e.g. converted entire code base from manual memory management to ARC)
Director of Software
  • Developed an SDK for mobile game developers to interface with a Bluetooth gaming controller (Java)
  • Used in Sonic the Hedgehog, FIFA Soccer, and others
  • Managed the software and testing team
BAE Systems
Software Engineer
  • Developed software to support military research related to missile defense and mission planning of drones


State University of New York at Buffalo
  • MS Computer Science
  • BS Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude


Software Engineer
Product Design
UI Design

Side Project

I developed one of the first augmented reality apps for iOS. Backyard Safari lets kids view wild animals through their iPhone. Full source code available (Swift). The cute girl in the screenshot is my daughter, Keira. She was not harmed in the making of this app.

Influential Books